Auto Shield Ceramic Paint Protection Benefits:

  • Durability: Exceptional protection for 4-5 years.
  • Hardness: A rock-hard protective layer detailed in our Car Protection FAQ.
  • Gloss: Preserves a new glossy look for years.
  • Chemical Resistance: Safeguards against harmful chemicals.
  • Heat Reduction: Significantly lowers heat absorption when parked in the sun.
  • Hydrophobic & Dirt Resistant: Repels water and dirt, easing cleaning.
  • Protection From UV Damage: Guards against harmful UV rays causing paint fade.
  • Existing Damage: Fills minor scratches to prevent further decay.
  • Self-Healing: Silicon Dioxide formula self-heals against fine damage.
  • Reduces Acid Rain Corrosion: Protects against corrosive rain damage

The Best Ceramic Paint Protection

Our Auto Shield ceramic paint protection is a professional-grade Silicon Dioxide Quartz coating for cars, ensuring proper application for both new and cherished used cars. Explore the guaranteed benefits of our product below and find additional information in our Car Protection FAQ section.

The Best Car Interior Protectants

Experience the fresh, new car feeling with our meticulously applied Auto Shield Vinyl & Leather Protection and/or Auto Shield Fabric & Carpet Protection. Revel in the benefits of our interior protection products detailed below.

Auto Shield Interior Protection Benefits:

  • Liquid & Chemical Resistance: Guards against liquids and chemicals..
  • PH-Balanced:Delicate formula nurturing your car’s interior.
  • Protection From UV Damage: Shields against harmful UV rays..

"UV radiation causes your leather to prematurely age and break down on a molecular level. While our human skin can merely replace this dead skin with new skin cells, leather lacks this ability." – Source: Chamberlain’s Leather Milk