Aerial & GPS-Safe Window Films

At Solartint, we specialize in window films designed for late model cars with aerial and demister systems, ensuring compatibility with radio reception or GPS reception type demisters. These enduring films not only deliver high performing data but also maintain an optically clear appearance for long lasting effectiveness.

Black Pearl Window Film

Introducing the Black Pearl window film—an aesthetically pleasing choice that goes beyond looks to prioritize your safety and driving comfort. This high heat rejecting window film shields you and your passengers from the harsh Australian sun, preventing sun damage to your car's interior. Experience up to 60% heat reduction, along with 99.9% UV and high IR blocking for enhanced driving enjoyment.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our window films incorporate cutting-edge technology with the extrusion of the base polyester tint. Unlike coatings, the color of the tint is inherent to the polyester, ensuring durability and performance. Solartint proudly backs these films with a lifetime guarantee, covering against fading, bubbling, peeling, and delaminating for your peace of mind.